12 Tips to Save for a Home

So you have been renting for a while, every month your watching someone else’s mortgage being paid off rather than yours. But every time you open your bank account you question whether that is going to even be possible. You deserve more. Take a look at these 12 Tips to Save Money for a Home

  1. Talk to a lender sooner then you think. Even before you start saving talk to your lender. Based on your income find our how much you can afford. Have them run a few scenarios based on different sized down payments. This will help define a clear goal of what you are saving for.

  2. You don’t need 20% down. Talk to your lender about mortgage options that allow 5% down payments!

  3. Cut unnecessary expenses. Take a hard…

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Rising Interest Rates: Here’s why now is the time to buy.

You or someone you know may have been thinking of buying a house but are a little hesitant because you have been hearing a lot about rising interest rates.

At our local Credit Union, the 5-year fixed rate has increased 3.9% in the last 22 months. Many buyers are saying “I want to buy, but I want to wait to buy a house until interest rates go down”, which I totally understand! If I wasn’t daily analyzing the market, I might agree with you.

The thing is, do you know what else has changed? There are no competing offers when buying a house and you can often negotiate a better deal and get below asking price.

We have a very stable real estate market in Manitoba, not to mention our…

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