6 Steps to Buying a Home


Looking for a new home is an exciting journey! You have been thinking about this for months and have decided to begin the search. The most common path to purchasing a home can feel a little chaotic - looking at home after home but never finding the right one. There is a better way! Putting together a strategic plan before the search can potentially save you thousands of dollars and give you a fighting chance when putting an offer on a home.


This clear 6 step plan will put you on track to discovering and purchasing your dream home!!

Having a clear defined buyer's plan is key to finding you the right home, at the right price with peace of mind. Understanding the overarching plan is just the start. If you…

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Gaining an Edge When Offering on a Home

You have a great down payment! You have started looking at homes in your price range but keep hearing of properties that are selling for thousands over asking. You begin to wonder if you should even try to buy a home in this market.



Did you know there is more to an offer to purchase than the price? By being strategic, you can increase the chances of your offer being accepted. Here is an inside scoop of the strategies agents encourage to help you gain an edge in this market:

 Get Pre-Approved

Looking for a new home is an exciting time! Imagine though, after finding your dream home, you discover that you are unable to get financing. This can be avoided by meeting with your lender before you…

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Have you assembled your team?

Have you ever watched a superhero movie where the hero defeats the evil villain alone? We all know that without the help of the Avengers, Spiderman would be long gone!

If you want to succeed in the purchase of your home, you need a Superhero team behind you! Who do you need in this team? Take a look at these key players:


Real Estate Consultant
  • Think of a realtor as a guide or consultant. A good realtor will walk you through the process step by step so you can achieve your real estate goals while enjoying yourself! When you look for a real estate consultant, make sure they are someone who will explain each step and ensure you have the right strategy and plan in place to achieve your goals.

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Make Moving Day...Enjoyable?

You finally found your dream home! You took a week to celebrate and now the feeling of dread sets in. Packing up and moving to a new home is no easy task. Here are 4 simple ideas that could make your move go from dread to dare I say, enjoyable??!!!

1. Bedrooms First

We have all been there! You are exhausted from working hard to move your family to your new home. You walk into your bedroom hoping for a good night's sleep only to find a half-assembled bed and a mound of boxes! It doesn't have to be this way. When moving, start with the bedrooms!

2. Dedicate Someone to Building Furniture

Not everyone will be able to do this. But if you have friends or family helping you move, ask the question “Do any of you…

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WATCH OUT! To Save Thousands When Buying a Home

We’ve all been there; we’re trying to find the next home for our family. We look for location and style of home, but it is also important to be aware of potential repairs you may face after purchasing. Ultimately hiring a licensed inspector will give you peace of mind when purchasing a home. But as a future homeowner, keep these possible repairs in mind to potentially save you thousands when buying a home.

1. Cracks in drywall seams

Cracking on drywall seams on a 3–4-year-old home is quite common. It could just be a sign that the home has dried out since building, or the home has settled slightly. But watch out if there is cracking in multiple rooms! Partner that with floors that seem to be…

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Do you have any idea what those words mean on the offer?

What does THAT mean?

Have you ever met with an “expert” and didn’t understand a word they said? Here is a list of real estate terms that will make YOU the expert when talking to a real estate professional!

Days on Market
  • The amount of time a property has been actively listed for sale. Days on market measures time from the listing date to the date the offer is accepted.

  • Items written on an offer to purchase that must be completed before the sale of the home is finalized. Examples include financing conditions, sale of another home, or a home inspection.

  • A term is not a condition that needs to be fulfilled before the offer is…

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