Make Moving Day...Enjoyable?

You finally found your dream home! You took a week to celebrate and now the feeling of dread sets in. Packing up and moving to a new home is no easy task. Here are 4 simple ideas that could make your move go from dread to dare I say, enjoyable??!!!

1. Bedrooms First

We have all been there! You are exhausted from working hard to move your family to your new home. You walk into your bedroom hoping for a good night's sleep only to find a half-assembled bed and a mound of boxes! It doesn't have to be this way. When moving, start with the bedrooms!

2. Dedicate Someone to Building Furniture

Not everyone will be able to do this. But if you have friends or family helping you move, ask the question “Do any of you like to assemble furniture?”. If the answer is yes, have them dedicated to assembling the furniture right when it is moved into the new house! Imagine being able to put clothes away as they are moved or sitting at a dining room table that isn’t in pieces on the day you move!

3. Pack the Boxes the Night Before

Many people who move decide that everything needs to be done on that day! If you are moving yourself and you have an enclosed trailer (that locks) pack all of the boxes and light objects the night before. By doing this you can focus on big objects and unpacking on the moving day.

4. Label Boxes Clearly

There are dozens of tutorials on box labeling on Pinterest. One tip would be to label the box on the side, rather than the top. Additionally, designate where each of the boxes should be placed as people move them into your new home to save time.


Finally, remember to give yourself time. It may take a week or 2 to get settled into your new home. Give yourself the time and space for you and your family to adjust! This is your new dream home. Take a few deep breaths and enjoy it!


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